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TeKi TeKua JuniorZüri and TeKi KidZH is the youth development of TeKi TeKua in Zurich.

TeKi TeKua JUNIOR also exists in Biel/Bienne under the direction of Lea Fuhrer and Pascale Grossenbacher.

All young dancers are coached by the professional dancers of TeKi TeKua with the aim of integrating them into the company at the appropriate time.

As a group, they perform at various events and are also involved in projects with the company TeKi's whenever possible.

Be the next FutureKi!

Are you between 14 and 19 years old? Have you been training for several years? Have you always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer? Would you like to get as much stage experience as possible and develop your skills in both contemporary and urban dance? If this sounds like you, send an e-mail with your CV, two photos (portrait/standing), and a short video of you dancing, to Eleonora:

Bist du zwischen 8 und 14 Jahre alt und möchtest Teil von TeKi TeKua werden?

Willst du möglichst viel Bühnenerfahrung sammeln und dich sowohl im Zeitgenössischen als auch im Urbanen Tanz weiter entwickeln?


Melde dich mit einem kurzen Tanz-Video sowie deinen Angaben zu Alter, Wohnort und den üblichen Koordinaten bei Eleonora per Mail an:



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Here are a few photos of the next TeKi generation: Biel & TeKi Junior Zurich

Classes are designed for both boys and girls from 8 to 10 years of age. They include elements from urban dance (hip hop, house), as well as contemporary dance. They give children the opportunity to discover and develop their own dance personality, giving physical dance form to their playful thoughts and sense of fun. By providing them with early group experiences onstage, the aim is to give the class a positive momentum and develop, over the long term, a stable group. 

Interview with Silvana and Nadine, who are in
charge of the KidZH.


What are the classes like? 

Nadine and Silvana TeKi TeKua tell us all about them...

1. Who can join your KidZH classes?
Any girls AND boys aged from 8 to 10 who love dancing and moving. Children who are open to different styles of dance and who love creating different moves themselves can join.

2. Why do you work with the Sportamt in the City of Zurich?
Working with the Sportamt means that we have access to quality sports infrastructure right in the heart of the city. It also allows us to offer classes at a reasonable price to parents and children. The Sportamt is widely known and offers many different sports. Through this organization, we can reach more children and encourage them to join TeKi TeKua.

3. What is your experience in teaching children?We both have a broad range of experience in sport and dance: sports studies, sports teacher training, training as youth sport instructors, as well as various dance and multisport classes and camps. What’s more, we have both been dancing for several years in the TeKi TeKua dance company, as well as other with other organizations.


4. What do the KidZH weekly training sessions focus on?

We mainly focus on the creation and development of moves. But various improvization exercises also play an important role in the class. We continually switch between established sequences and creative dance, so as to encourage each child in particular, but also to allow the children to develop through creating their own moves.


5. Do you establish training goals? If so, how do you communicate
these to the children?

We work with both general goals and specific training goals. We go over these together and pro-actively adapt them in order to meet the needs of each child. The training is based on the same approach as our company, but at a different level, of course. Our aim is to give the children a solid basis that can be adapted and combined with different styles of dance. We often work with images, metaphors, and free creation of movement.


6. Do you prepare an onstage performance with the children?

So far, as these classes are a new initiative, we have only danced during classes. The plan is to produce shows that will allow them to gain their first experience of dancing in a group onstage.


7. How can I enrol my child? Can he or she attend a trial class?

Children can try a class at any time, without enrolling. If they enjoyed the experience, you can then enrol them via the Sportamt.


SRF Rückblick – - Rosanna Checkt’s 2014 with the TeKis:

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