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Length: 12 minutes

Choreography & dance: Silvana Lemm, in collaboration with Eleonora Zweifel

Project type: dance and theatre performance 

Presented at:

2014 / Tanz_Unplugged / TanzOrtAmGleis Winterthur

2014 / Open Stage as part of Yeah Yeah Yeah / Rote Fabrik Zurich

2015 / Porny Days / Zurich


Remake after a phase of development:


2017 / Theater Neumarkt / Zurich

2017 / Porny Days / Walcheturm Zurich with

Halina Stefaniak & Eleonora Zweifel

2020 / One Night Stand at Porny Days / TeKi TéSpace @ Werkerei Zurich


Article on the Porny Days –
POPorno, 2017



In the short piece POPorno, we look at the pornographic aspects of pop culture.

The female body is at the heart of performance and leads to many implied clichés and expectations. A process of reflection around this led to a double act that is both humoristic and critical, presented for the first time at the Zurich Porny Days in 2015. 


The ‘Tanz-Unplugged’ platform gave us the opportunity to rework the piece. 

We were also able to present it for the first time as a ‘Work in Progress’ at the Open Stage set up at the Rote Fabrik’s Yeah Yeah Yeah festival.


This double act, which has continually developed since 2014, still generates wide-spread interest, as we saw on 7 February 2020 during the One Night Stand (

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