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Year of creation: 2015–2016

Length: 15 minutes

Project type: dance performance bringing together five dancers in an urban, contemporary style

Project choreography/direction: Halina and Silvana TeKi TeKua


Presented at:

Au-delà des préjugés in Lausanne, Soirée TeKi TeKua at the Tanzhaus in Zurich and at the Coupole in Biel, Perlaton at the Photobastei, Open Stage at the Gessnerallee


If the shoe fits. 

Where the shoe pinches. 

Be in someone else’s shoes. 

These are all sayings we may have used at one point or another. But what do they mean? How do we feel when we say them? And what to do when the shoe is on the other foot? As soon as we slip on our shoes, we automatically take on a role. Are shoes therefore a status symbol expressing the role we adopt, sometimes without even meaning to? Might we be wearing the wrong shoes? Are we being put in shoes that don’t suit us? What if we have to fill someone else’s shoes? The options are endless. And yet, shoes can be beautiful and make us happy, so let’s show them off! Do you prefer fashionable trainers or red high heels? Or even comfortable leather sandals? If the shoe fits, wear it!


In Shoe Me, TeKi TeKua looks at the meaning of shoes, by using those of the audience! The dancers tackle questions such as the need to wear shoes on a daily basis or the status symbol they represent.

Which shoes do we want to put on and show off? To what extent does a shoe (or its absence) change a person’s image? What is the relationship between the shape, the size, and the colour of shoes and those same aspects of the person wearing them? In Shoe Me the dancers reveal the importance of this indispensable object.

Artistic work and research
We continually study different themes and issues. Through dance we are able to ask and then answer questions. We work with our own method, which pushes each of us to give our best and simultaneously allows us to develop within our desired movement and dance language. This varied approach gives rise to new moves that inspire us mutually and are expressed through multifaceted forms of movement. Shoe Me focuses on the observation of an everyday object within a dance context. The subject of shoes lends itself perfectly to abstraction, where dance asks and can answer fundamental, everyday questions.

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