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TeKi TeKouture

is a french slang word game:

"T'es qui?" "T'es couture!" 

saying "Who are you, you're couture!"


TeKi TeKouture was founded in 2016 as Eleonora TeKi TeKua and Sara Bosier first started to print the "TeKi TeKua" logo on costumes. Their idea was to create unique costumes & athleisure wear with a high recognition value for the dancers of the company.

Other dancers, friends and fans started asking where and if they could buy our clothes…


That’s why Eleonora - co-founder & artistic director of the company - expanded the TeKi TeKouture with Giuliano Salvatore, stylist of the dance company. Together they share their passion for dance, fashion and art since 2003. Inspired by creative processes from our shows, stage costumes, choreographies and collaborations with other local artists and designers, they bring this creativity on clothes and accessories.

We sell affordable mainly upcycled clothes as well as accessories. Casual-ish items that are wearable for daytime activities or night-outs.

Our goal is to expand our children's line and collaborate with swiss-based designer's and local artists for further collections .


Our latest collection is hand printed in Zurich. The print-designs are made by Joy-Ann Judge who used to be a dancer in our junior company and are inspired by our company logo. Every item is named after a TeKi-Signature dance move.

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